We are based in Manhattan, Kansas and Kansas City and happy to delivery throughout Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma


and Nebraska. If you are wondering if we will deliver to your location, give us a call!


We’re glad you asked because we get a lot of questions about this. We allow pick-up of items at our showroom, but some items require delivery due to size and installation. Below is a breakdown of what our delivery includes.

Delivery and fees include:

  • The time and labor involved in packing the delivery vehicle prior to your event;

  • Driving to your venue;

  • Delivering all rental items on your order;

  • Driving back to the warehouse;

  • Returning to your venue to pick up rental items at the end of your event;

  • Driving back to the warehouse;

  • Time and labor to unload the delivery vehicle and place items back into our warehouse.

Delivery charges do NOT include:

  • Set up for your event. If setup and breakdown are needed, we offer these services for an additional fee. Styling of rental items such as tabletop décor;

  • Dismantling of your event. All items should be stacked and packaged and ready for pickup.

To get all the details of what is covered and not covered in our delivery please see our Rental Policies included in your quote.

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